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 T-Glide®…  put filing in its place!

T-Glide® files have built-in hooks allowing it to hang on a rail. Files don’t sag and become worn from leaning on their spines.

Developed in Europe, T-Glide® is a clever lateral filing system that‘s poised to replace conventional manila files and Arch Lever Files. T-Glide® System literally locks and hang file folders on the Rail so they could be held more firmly and in place.

 T-Glide® is the most recommended Filing System in Malaysia and Australia, widely implemented in government as well as private organizations. T-Glide® System has since become the best filing choice, highly praised for its efficiency, compact, flexibility, and durability.

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Why you should convert to T-Glide® Filing System?

T-Glide the superior filing system


 Colour Coding the T-Glide® Files 

With T-Glide® colour coding, you spend less time searching

  • Identify your file instantly
  • Eliminate misfiles
  • Fast Searching by Alphabetical or Numerical order
  • Colour-band your file
  • Systematic, neat

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T-Glide the hanging files



T-Glide® clever file fastener

A Clever device for fastening paper documents to files. Opens flat to allow margin to margin page viewing and facilitates easy removal and insertion of documents anywhere within the file.

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Wide Range of T-Glide® Files

T-Glide paper files with smart fileforce clipsT-Glide® Files are versatile and customizable to your needs:

  • A4 standard files
  • Filing Sleeves and Pockets
  • Bulk file containers
  • Job Bags of various sizes
  • Single CD to 8- CDs folders
  • X-rays/Large films
  • Artwork or Architectural Drawings/Plans

T-Glide® filing system is so flexible that it can be tailored to your specialized individual needs, simply cost effective.

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    • T-Glide® Filing System – Compact & Efficient
    • T-Glide® Filing for Mobile Compactus
    • T-Glide® Ladder Racking Systems
    • T-Glide® Document Housing & Shelving
    • T-Glide® Filing for wooden and metal cabinets

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Best filing solution for medical records, property files, Accounting and audit files, legal files and general office files.

T-Glide® , the most recommended filing system in Malaysia and Australia.

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