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  • Archive Box (Large)

    Large-size Archive Box

    Top-open good quality archive box for your archiving needs.  Great for archiving T-Glide® files from active to non-active storage.

    • Dimension: 490W x 310H x 380D (mm)
    • Sold in a pack of 10 boxes

  • Archive Box (Medium)

    Archive Box (Medium)

    Unique Front-Open Feature. You can stack up the boxes and simply open the front lid to retrieve files without having to move the top boxes.  This medium box also allows the colour tabs to be viewed easily.  

    • Dimension: 390 x 230 x 290mm
    • Sold in a pack of 10 boxes

  • File Fastener – Self-Adhesive

    Self Adhesive Paper Fastener
    Unit of Sale: Box of 100pcs

  • File Fastener- Non-Adhesive

    • Non-Adhesive Paper Fastener
    • Unit of Sale: Box of 100pcs

  • Smart Dividers

    T-Glide® Smart Dividers are made from hight quality durable paper, will fit most standard T-Glide® fasteners and files. 

    Smart Dividers  are used to divide each sections in the file, you can customize it to suit your needs  No tabs are wasted if you only need 2 or more in each file. 

    Customize your dividers according to your sequence requirements and wide enough to fit the long word such as “Correspondence”.  Get organized your way with our Smart Dividers.

    > Available in white only
    > Sold in pack of 50 pieces

  • PP Index Guide


    For separating files on the rails

    • plastic type
    • Available in Blue only
    • Unit of Sale: Each

  • T-Glide® Deskstand

    Portable T-Glide® Deskstand

    Ideal for storing active working files at the desk.  The Deskstand keeps files hanging neatly at the desk, facilitating easy viewing of file identification tabs. 

    • Dimension: 430 x 250 x 350mm
    • Unit of Sale: Each
    • (*Deskstand set only, Files not included)



  • Personal Filing Kit

    Personal Filing Kit is a desktop filing kit that helps you to keep your active files neat and tidy with the advantage of mobility. No more messy files on your desk.

    Personal Filing Kit includes:

    • 1x T-Glide®  Deskstand
    • 1x T-Glide®  Bulk 50mm File
    • 15pcs of T-Glide® A4 files
    • 15pcs of Smart Dividers
    • 1 set of Ezi Colour Labels: 
      • A-Z (10 labels each)
      • 0-9 (10 labels each)
      • 1 x blank white labels (24 labels/sheet)

    Unit of Sale: Set in a box

  • RadarPrint Label Making Software

    Create and print your own unique labels with ease.

    Achieve maximum filing efficiency through your own file colour coding!

    Available: Single/Multiple Users license. 

    Call +603-7880 8821 for pricing details. 

  • RadarPrint White Labels

    RadarPrint Blank White Label Sheet

    To use with RadarPrint Label Making Software Program.

    • Plain white labels (5 labels per sheet)
    • Sold in individual sheet