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Scanning Bureau Services

Scan & Store, Archive and Digitize your documents

  scan and send to cloud

Scan your documents and turn them into digital files

Organize your information, simplify your life.

Go Cloud-ECM or EDMS

SAVE TIME! Never lose a file, find your files instantly

SAVE MONEY! reduce printing cost, cut down storage space.

EFFICIENCY! access your files anywhere, anytime 24/7.



Store & Scan-On-Demand


We provide a fast, secure and affordable document scanning service, document storage and secure document destruction.

Given the increasing cost of office rents, clients find our space planning services extremely valuable whereby we help them maximize the number of files in any given space through increasing the density of storage.

In addition, we help clients with storage of old documents, allowing them to retrieve either the physical copy or upon request, we will digitize and securely email the document, thus, saving them the transportation handling charges.  

Call FILEforce today for your scanning, destruction and storage needs.

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