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  • T-Glide® A4 Colour File

    8320 T-Glide® A4 colour file comes in Cut Tab style for easy colour coding.

    This is our most popular T-Glide® file,  comes with hook and fastener, holds up to 25mm of material.

    • A4 size format
    • Available in 6 colours: Red, blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Buff 
    • with fasteners
    • Dimension: 330 x 260mm
    • Unit of Sale: Box of 100pcs

  • T-Glide® Government A4 File

    T-Glide®Government A4 CT Files  is specially customized T-Glide® files for government sectors. 

    • A4 Size
    • comes with fastener
    • sold in box of 100 files
    • Dimension: 330x 260mm

  • T-Glide® Single Hook A4 File

    8500 T-Glide A4 Files with Single Hook and with fastener, and side tabs for colour coding.  Alternative consideration for thinner files,  hang with one hook, compact, easy.

    • A4 size with single hook and fastener
    • sold in box of 100 files
    • Dimensions : 330 x 260mm

  • T-Glide® F4 Pocket File

    T-Glide®  F4 Pocket-file is ideal for thin document insert.

    • F4 size format pocket type
    • without fastener
    • Dimensions: 350 x 260mm
    • Sold in Box of 100 files

  • T-Glide® A5 Pocket File

    T-Glide 9150 Pocket-file A5 Format is ideal for A5 size paper or card insert.

    • A5 size format pocket type
    • without fastener
    • sold in box of 100 files
    • Dimensions: 250 x 175mm

  • T-Glide® Single CD / DVD Pocket File

     T-Glide 0112 Pocket-file single CD / DVD File is perfect for storing single CD/DVD-ROMs. Side tabs allow colour-coded labelling for easy search and retrieval.

    • Dimensions: 155 x 150mm
    • Sold in box of 100 files

  • T-Glide® 8 CD / DVD Poly file

    T-Glide 0112 Poly CD file can stores up to 8 CD/DVD-ROMs in a compact manner, ideal for archiving electronic data. Side tabs accommodates colour tabs for easy file identification.

    • available in translucent plastic
    • Dimensions: 375 x 260mm
    • Sold individually

  • T-Glide® Plastic V Folder

    T-Glide® Plastic V Folder in transparent plastic for easy viewing of contents.
    Ideal for inserting binded document, booklet and leaflets. Side tab allows colour labelling for easy file identification.

    • Transparent Plastic type
    • without fastener
    • Unit of Sale: Each

  • T-Glide® Bulk Files

    T-Glide® Bulk File with Cut Tab insert

    This plastic bulk file is ideal for storing bulky items and bound materials like catalogues, reference manuals, brochures.

    • Available in 3 sizes: 
      • SMALL (30mm) 360 X 260 X 30mm
      • MEDIUM (50mm) 360 X 260 X 50mm
      • LARGE (75mm) 360 X 260 X 75mm
    • comes with a card tab to facilitate colour coding 
    • Sold individually

  • T-Glide® Plastic Folder

    T-Glide® 8520 Plastic Folder (with Velcro Strip)

    • ideal for thicker files
    • Plastic type 
    • with fastener and velcro strip
    • Available in : Blue and Red
    • Unit of Sale: Each

  • T-Glide® A3 File

    T-Glide® A3 File complete with paper fastener. Ideal for A3 landscape, drawing plans

    • Portrait A3 format
    • comes with fastener
    • White Colour
    • Dimensions: 490 x 340mm
    • Sold in box of 20 files

  • T-Glide® A1/A2 Drawing File

    Specially made for filing the architectural drawings and construction plans, hanging the A1/A2 Plans will ensure the plans’ edge are always straight, no more rolling up, easily view and retrieve. 

    • Plastic, comes with clips
    • Available in: A1 size and A2 size
    • Sold individually